Air Raiders Figure Art, Part 2

I put up an earlier thread going over the PrePro site and some Air Raiders stuff they had posted. The last piece is the one I’m most excited for. It’s a figure sculpture sheet for the almost forgotten 1988 line of toys. It was drawn by Ron Rudat and dates to November 17, 1986 which is about 5 months after these other cool Ron Rudat character sheets. I’m not sure why there is a difference between the two sets of figure proofs are. The one below obviously went to the sculptor to give them the necessary details from all angles to make the figure. Anyways, on to the figure!


The first thing of note is the figure is called a Whirlwind Driver. We don’t have any references besides this paper to a vehicle called the Whirlwind. My guess is the Whirlwind was canceled or pushed back to the third year, along with the Gatling and Wind Reaper OR it was renamed to the G.A.S.P., a vehicle that does show up in the 1988 series.

I say this because a closer inspection of the G.A.S.P. and it’s driver seems to show a similar Cylon-like helmet profile and crest along with that cybernetic right arm as well. I am not sure what that arm is supposed to be; a clamp, a claw, maybe a drill? Obviously a weapon of some sort. I did ask Ron for clarification but he didn’t remember.


I’m not 100% sure if this figure is a copy of one of the other officers from 1988 series. There seem to be some similarities with the officer figure below like the abdominal breathing tubes, the shoulder armor and the cybernetic right arm but the helmet looks different. I’m not sure if that’s the low quality picture though. What do you think? Anyone have any thoughts on this being the same figure?



One note of interest is that this figure was drawn by Richard Marcej, Hasbro’s in-house illustrator. He made some line art which probably would have been used in a new licensing kit or in the interior box inserts. Check out the figure to the left and compare it to Ron Rudat’s work above.

Anyways, this is an amazing find and helps us get a better picture of what these elusive 1988 figures looked like. I’m grateful for the catalog pictures because at least they gavce us the colors and general look of the figures,not to mention proving they exist (or did)! Hopefully more will turn up in the future when people go to sell them or the current owners share some pics with the rest of us!

This item will probably go up for sale soon so if you’re interested, head on over to Prepro! Big thanks to PrePro and Ron Rudat for allowing me to post this picture.

Enjoy and please support us on Facebook and Twitter!

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