Air Raiders T-shirt — the Hawkwind!

ARshirt hawkwind2

Hey all, I figured since I did several shirts for the Command Outpost (see post here) that I’d do one for the bad guys too. The general feeling I get is that people seem to like the Hawkwind the best (for good reason!) so I decided to go in that direction. Check it out here!

I liked the box insert look so I decided to keep that theme going, although I wanted a different look than the one used on the original box insert. I drew a new Hawkwind off a photo I took of it and cleaned it up in Illustrator. It comes in a variety of evil Tyrant shirt colors. What do you think?

ARshirt hawkwind1

As with the other options, you can find these shirts (as well as magnets, rugs, towels, cups, blankets, etc.) here at the Airlandia shop. There is a wide assortment of colors to choose from, at least with the shirts, not so much with the other choices.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to walk around in a Tyrants of Wind mask?

hawkwind mask

Enjoy! Please join us on Facebook or Twitter!

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