Air Raiders Licensing Kit, Part 3

Last session was about the beautiful folder the kit came in, today is focused on colored line art for the various vehicles! The images were printed nice and sharp by Hasbro and I scanned them in at a good resolution. They all have basics flat colors but what’s interesting is they actually broke down the pantone colors each vehicle. Pantone was created decades ago as a color reproduction system that would allow a standardization of printed colors across any industry.

Unfortunately some of my scans did cut the pantone color markings off; the art was printed on an irregular paper size and they weren’t always centered the same on each one. I didn’t realize this until I had already finished (and didn’t feel like doing it again).

The first thing I noticed was that the print collection did not include the Air Refinery or the Command Outpost. I’m curious why the Command Outpost was left out? Maybe it was on the chopping block at one point along with the Air Refinery? The Air Refinery being left out is not surprising, although very disappointing, as I would have loved to have some art for it. It’s interesting that it made appearances in the packaging catalog and the coloring books but not here. This is copyrighted 1987 so it was probably probably very early in the year to be ready for the launch in late summer/fall 1987.

I’m pretty much 100% sure the art was all done by Richard Marcej (see more here). Some of it looks original and some looks like it was traced from the packaging art. They all also use the information from the packaging boxcards on speed, weapons, vehicle type, etc. Some of the weapons get mixed up and the Man-O-War is regarded as the fastest vehicle outside of the Hawkwind!

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Manowar kit//

Dragonwind kit//

Thunderhammer kit//

Thunderclaw kit//

Storm Dagger kit//

Hawkwind kit//

Twin Lightning kit//

Wind Razor kit//

Wind Seeker kit//

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