Tecco Toys, Part 5, the Kickstarter!

We last talked about Tecco Toys in January.  Here are the previous installments:
Tecco Toys, Part One
Tecco Toys, Part Two
Tecco Toys, Part Three
Tecco Toys, Part Four

The company has been working on a line of toys consisting of 2″ figures, same size as Air Raiders, along with some incredible mechs. The plan was to launch it earlier this year but Covid-19 delayed any further advances.

Well, after a long wait, the Kickstarter is finally here!

Tecco display
There are a wealth of options to choose from, including packs of figures, or mechs, or both! The figures all come with removable helmets, handheld weapons and backpacks. The mechs come with removable armor parts, weapons and of course, pilots. In addition, they all come in wonderful packaging with beautiful art. The art comes as digital downloads that can be downloaded by all buyers.
Tecco figures
I’m all in on the figures. They are amazing with multiple points of articulation and my hope is to get some and repaint them in Air Raiders/Tyrant of Wind colors.

Another fun link to check is some of the 3D downloads Tecco Toys put out during the last few months. They includes figures and several quadruped robots mounting missiles and other options.

Enjoy! Please support us on Facebook and Twitter!

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