Air Raiders Figure art

Well, it’s been a while since I posted here! Sorry, life has been busy and oddly enough, working from home actually leaves me less time to do other stuff. Moving on, I have some great art that Ed Owens, the principle engineer on all of the Air Raiders figures and the Command Outpost, shared on Facebook earlier this summer.

All of them are drawings done by Ron Rudat, created in May, 1986, a solid 15-16 months before the line was released in 1987. The first is the classic Air Raiders Battle Squad member or “Good Guy Soldier.” I love this figure but I do feel bad for the sculptor who had to make sense of the all that detail work on his forearms! I wonder how many sketches Ron went through before he arrived at the final look?

Rebel soldier sketch

Next is the “Bad Guy Pilot,” or as we know him, Commodore Kronax of the Hawkwind. Great design, there a few details I want to go check on the figure as I never noticed them before. No idea who sculpted him although I always felt like Kronax and Lieutenant Noble were done by the same sculptor as they had finer features with smaller limbs and feet than the rest of the line.

HAwkwind pilot

Last is Commander Airlocke, a figure drawing drawing we’ve already seen BUT that one was covered in some large watermarks so I am very pleased to get a better copy. Check out the details on his chest, never noticed all that before!

Airlocke sketch

This is amazing stuff to see and I hope we can get a hold of more in the future. Big thanks to Ed Owens for sharing this amazing art with us!

Enjoy and please support us on Facebook and Twitter!

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