Battle Squad Soldier Custom

Hey folks, here’s a fun post to share. I love seeing Air Raiders fans create new art, customs and other fun stuff and Kier’s Customs is definitely working on something awesome!

Rebel head2

Kier’s Customs: Progress picture of my Glyos compatible 3&3/4 inch Air Raider rebel. Thank you for all of the support. This one is a labor of love as this figure is one of my childhood favorites. (I don’t plan on selling this item once it’s finished. )

Rebel head

He was kind enough to answer a few questions in regards to the project:

1) Can you describe the process of how you are going to create the figure? It appears that you poke something (a pin?) into a cork, sculpt the limbs and head with greenstuff and… that there are other Glyos pieces in there too?
I make different type of toys and the process is a little different for each. However, it’s really a five step process: Plan-Sculpt-Mold-Cast-Paint. The first step is to plan the engineering and look of the toy with sketches. Once I figure out what I want, I start sculpting. I create an armature (made of armature wire with some Aves Apoxie Sculpt or Green Stuff as a base). Then I sculpt with with clay sculpting tools with the medium green stuff. For the Air Raider rebel, I’m sculpting 6 separate pieces: 2 arms, 2 legs, the head and the torso. I’ve chosen Glyos articulation as it’s easier to engineer. Once the sculpt is done, I’ll make a silicone mold of the parts. Once the silicone hardens, I’ll remove the sculpture from the mold. I then pour resin in the mold and place the mold into a pressure pot.The resin hardens in the pressure pot. I remove the molds from the pot and the resin parts from the mold. Lastly, I wash the parts with soap and water, paint the figure, pop the Glyos pegs in and its done.

2) How long does a project like this take you?
Given my day job, this will probably take about a month. In a non-COVID environment, it wouldn’t take me as long.

Rebel head3//

3) Is this a personal project? Do you intend to make molds and sell these?
It’s a personal project. I have loved the Air Raiders toyline since I was 4 years old. The Air Raider rebel is one of the first toys I remember playing with as a child.I still collect figures and vehicles from the line. The scale and the unique colors and style capture my imagination.I do not plan on selling these as I do not want to infringe on a Hasbro copyright.

4) Will you create any other versions, like a Tyrant of Wind?
I pan to do a generic Tyrant of Wind foot soldier as well.

Enjoy! Thanks again to Kier’s Customs, check out his page to see his other work. Please support us on Facebook and Twitter!

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