Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

AR mail stuff FINAL

There’s been an Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay for years now but the price of almost $1000 seemed a little bit too much, especially since the glider was already put together and showed some damage.

Another kit was posted recently at a more reasonable price and has the added benefit of not being used or played with as far as I can see. The glider has no folds or missile fitted to it, the missiles and figures are still bagged in bags marked ‘Made in China”, and they even have the original packaging it was shipped in!


Sellers’s note:

My mother sent away for this item and I’m unsure if it got lost in the house, but unpacking my “collectibles” I found this gem. It has the original box that was sent to my house, all figures are still packaged, glider and poster untouched other than these photos.

A neat piece of Air Raider history. I doubt you would find many chances like this to have the whole mail-away kit in such pristine shape.

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AR mail map

2 thoughts on “Air Raiders Survival Kit on ebay

  1. You mean to tell me you didn’t buy it? 😉

    I find it interesting that he listed it originally at $600, then it didn’t sell, so he raised the price to $900. I’m a little confused by the logic there, but I wish him luck.

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