Product Designer Art on ebay

So a seller recently posted a small lot of Command Outpost drawings on ebay. The lot was for sale a few years ago (see here) and I posted the low-res art and tried to read as much of the notes as I could.  Unfortunately the resolution was not great on the photos.

Sales info here:

Here is a vintage Air Raiders production drawings and design prints collection from a Hasbro design team employee. This is all material for the Command Outpost playset. There is 11 pieces in total, made up of edited copies, edited drawings, layovers, decal design drawing and more. There are designs for ideas on the playset that never came to be, but would have been great. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to find these. These would look great in a frame.

Well, I decided to buy the lot so I could take a closer look, there were some interesting things I missed the first time around including a small vehicle that would’ve launched from the outpost! So keep an eye out for future posts, I plan on doing some better scans and breakdowns of what the notes say.



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