Pre-production Art on Ebay, part 2

Hey folks, looks like there’s some familiar art up on ebay right now. It’s a transparency of the classic all-out battle for Airlandia that we see used on most Air Raiders packaging and marketing products. This was actually just for sale last year (see here). Sadly, I did not save the final sale info because I would love to know the price difference but it’s currently going for $350.

Here is an original Hasbro employee owned Air Raiders art transparency. This is the art that was used for the toy insert checklist poster and for the back of the product boxes. This measure about 10.5″ x 8″. This is in excellent condition and has been safely stored away from light inside its original clear sleeve. This is 100% original, not a reprint.

I wish I knew who was the original artist on this. It really is a wonderful piece of work. Heck, I’d love to know where the original art ended up! Hopefully not thrown out in the trash.

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For some other cool pre-production Air Raiders art, try here. It shows a lot of the transparency box art for the vehicles.


Transparency AR2

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