Lego Air Raiders, Part 2

In a previous post (found here),a poster on Flickr named Sparkart made an awesome model for a Lego Hawkwind. They provided a set of instructions that mirror the ones you usually get in the box and everything looked great!

Well, the Hawkwind has been updated! From Sparkart:

Hiya! I revisited the design of the LEGO model of the Air Raiders Hawkwind. I made it match the original toy’s profile better, and added spring-loaded shooters to mimic the original toy’s play function. Thanks for checking it out!

Hawkwind 2 I love seeing the missile launchers and the new colors! You can find the instructions here and you can find an animated turnaround of the model here.

Enjoy! Check out Sparkart’s page and click here to like us on Facebook!

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