A New Year

Greetings Fellow Airlandians,

It’s been a good year here. I’ve gotten some great feedback from fellow fans and we’ve seen the Facebook community start to grow. I had the opportunity to share some amazing stuff like the Wind Reaper prototype, the Gatling prototype and interviews with Dan Price; one of the production designer MVPs of the whole line, as well as Dave McDonald; another talented production designer who worked on the beginnings of the 1989 toys. I’ve got some plans in mind for future posts, including:

  • New interviews with former Hasbro workers (wish me luck as I track down several new sources)
  • More fan-based posts like the Relaunch series. My ideas so far consist of people sending in photos of their collections and if there’s enough interest and/or aspiring writers; having some folks write up their own revised background/history on the world of Airlandia.
  • More commission artwork that replicant01 and I have been working on.
  • I’d LOVE to see some fan artwork as well. Maybe I will post some of mine to get the ball rolling.
  • Follow-ups on other cool projects like Tecco Toys and Cosmic Marauders.
  • Hopefully ebay will be good to us and we’ll see some interesticebng lots for sale too!

There’s more but these will all be on the slate for the coming year.

Big thanks to replicant01 for helping with the art commissions and to all the guys who have helped out by contributing their own writings to this blog, not to mention those that have allowed me to interview them or shared photos and art. It is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for visiting, come back again and please, I’d love to hear from you and any ideas or thoughts you might have.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Happy New Year! I’ve said it before, but this blog was a great source of information as I got into Air Raiders, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it and participating when I can. Looking forward to lots more cool stuff in 2019!

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