Air Raiders Enforcer

This is a short week here in America due to Thanksgiving, so I have very little time to publish something; however I did come across this picture which reminded me of a recent post about plastic. A poster named notpicard added this pic of a Tyrants of Wind Enforcer on Hoardar.

Air Raiders Enforcer

air raiders test shot
Unreleased and presumably a test shot rather than a redeco.

They seem to imply above that this is some sort of special unreleased figure. It doesn’t look anything like some of the variant Enforcer colors from the 1988 series. To me, it looks like the gray plastic just yellowed over time. At best, the color is similar to the Air Raider Battle Squad soldier so maybe it was created by mistake with the wrong plastic.

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6 thoughts on “Air Raiders Enforcer

  1. I’d guess they used the wrong plastic by mistake. I don’t think the Enforcer plastic would yellow to that color. For that matter, I don’t recall seeing any of the Enforcers with faded plastic. These guys seem to age really well.

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  2. Very interesting piece! Color seems closer than you’d expect from a test shot. Agree with you both, this picture doesn’t look like UV damaged plastic; the purple would be different too. Perhaps when the first or last few shots of a run are completed, the remaining plastic from the injection machine isn’t the exact same color blend as the main mass of pellets they started with? Perhaps there’s a plastics engineer or related expertise to speculate?

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  3. This is my image. I already posted on facebook then I saw there was a place here. I assure you that this is not yellowed. I bought it in a lot with other sample items (all G.I.Joe) from a former Hasbro employee. The colors definitely seem like they belong in the Air Raiders world, which is odd for a test shot. But I have no idea if it is a test shot or a color intended for release.

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  4. Hi Patrick,
    Thanks for the additional information, that’s really interesting that it came with a bunch of GI Joe test samples. Now I’m really curious about the origins of this figure.


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