Transformers and Air Raiders

When Bludgeon reactivates the monster Trypticon and threatens the unborn lives of the next generation of Cybertronians, the Dinobots join forces with Sandstorm for one last ride.

A short post here but a fun nod to the greater Hasbro universe. In 2017, IDW publishing created a limited series of comics (The Transformers: Redemption of the Dinobots) featuring the Dinobots and several other characters. In Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 9.45.32 PMthe final showdown (The Transformers: Salvation), the heroes are fighting against Bludgeon, the strange skull-faced samurai Decepticon who also happens to be a great warrior and mad scientist to boot.
Bludgeon seeks to conquer the galaxy with the help of the huge titan dinosaur, Trypticon and a convoluted plan that I’m going to pass over for this. Trypticon does look awesome enough though.

Layout 1

While enjoying his evil plot, Bludgeon throws out some suggestions on where to start his new empire.

The Galactic Council Homeworld?

The Solstar Order?


Layout 1

Wait, what was that? 😉 Can you imagine a city-sized dino-robot rampaging across the wastelands of Airlandia? What a great visual! I wonder if the Tyrants would fight for their freedom or make some sort of unholy alliance with the two Decepticons.

I love these little easter eggs and I thought I’d share it with fellow fans. I hope they do more in the future!

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The images are from The Transformers: Redemption of the Dinobots series published by IDW Publishing, the copyright for which is owned by Hasbro and IDW Publishing. All other aspects, including the The Transformers logo and all characters, are owned by Hasbro.

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