Airlandia Anniversary

I just realized last week that today was the one-year anniversary for this site. I first started thinking about a site like this when replicant01 came across the mysterious figures from the second series and then found a catalog with various pictures. In addition to that, there were some cool Air Raider sketches for sale on ebay and I thought to myself, “someone needs to keep track of this stuff…”

Well, here we are. I have tried all sorts of ways to dig up new info, from interviewing the designers and artists who worked on the toyline to deciphering the secret alphabet they created. It hasn’t always been successful (or fun for that matter) but it’s been a rewarding experience overall and I hope to continue for as long as I can.

My goal for this year is to increase Facebook membership and make a community where we can share ideas, talk about the old days, show links to stuff like TeccoToys and maybe buy/sell stuff.

So here’s to another year and new discoveries for the Air Raiders!

8 thoughts on “Airlandia Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on the anniversary! As someone who just caught the Air Raiders bug, I can tell you that this site has been really helpful.

    If I could make a suggestion/wish, I’d love to see nice quality scans of the sticker sheets from the various vehicles; it would make repairing/replacing damaged stickers a lot easier!

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  2. Outstanding! Airlandia has fast become the AIR RAIDERS authority for me; learn something new about this great line every time I come back. Thanks for working so hard on this, it shows and congratulations on accomplishing so much in just a year.

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  3. It’s been an awesome year, lots of cool things discovered for a line with so little info available for years. Honored to have helped kickstart this endeavor with what I can only describe as a mix of pure luck & determination, but it has been all you from that point forward with acquiring new & unimaginable info from the team that worked on the line. So thank you for the seemingly endless amount of new discoveries, & looking forward to many more years!

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