A New Air Refinery?

Okay, just kidding.

Some genius on instagram named hennenjl1828 did find a great substitute for the Tyrants of Wind home base… introducing the Nano Metalfigs Batcave Collectors Enviroment!

air ref batcave 2

Obviously this is not the same thing but it does have a nice mix of natural stone combined with the various levels of platforms, doors and cool tech mixed in. The super computer and elevator both look great!

air ref batcave 6

It also has a garage door that opens which I assume is the one in back there.

air ref batcave 5

And that platform lights up!

air ref batcave 3

I’m not sure if the upper level doors open and close too. air ref batcave 4

The product description is as follows:

As part of our Nano MetalFigs collection, we’re introducing Nano Scenes. Each Nano Scene comes with two exclusive figures and features that make this detailed diorama one of the most authentic and imaginative ways to display your figure collection. For DC fans we have the Bat Cave Nano Scene shown here. It comes with exclusive Batman and Robin figures, a Batman symbol on the floor that lights up with the easy press of a button, an opening garage door, and sticker pack for added details.
The Nano Scene requires 3 AAA batteries and has easy snap-together assembly. Rated for kids 5+. Dimensions are 10.75”H x 10”W x 9.25”D.
  • Authentic Batcave styling
  • Includes 2 exclusive figures
  • Light up bat signal
  • Opening garage door
  • Sticker sheet
  • Assemble required

Last and certainly not least is the scale. What got my interest was the picture that hennenjl1828 posted. They look pretty good in comparison to the scale of the Batman figure and the surroundings. Some stuff, like the railings look small but overall, it seems to work.

air ref batcave

My one disappointment is that the elevator doesn’t appear to have any working mechanism to it (maybe I’m wrong). And I guess I’ll have to cover that light-up platform too with a sticker or something unless the bat symbol is a new sign of the Tyrants. 😉

It certainly would be a good starter point for making your own base and adding new parts, rocks and other details. For $27, it’s a great price and I’m sure my 9 y/o son will love blowing it up with the Man-O-War!

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Pictures courtesy of amazon and orangeslime.com.

3 thoughts on “A New Air Refinery?

  1. This is a great playset/diorama I agree. Have populated mine with a variety of scaled figures, from Diaclone (approx an inch tall) up to the 2.5-inch Acid Rain B2five figures. Air Raiders falls right in between these and (as your pictures support) are ideal figures for this set.

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  2. Cool, I didn’t know you had this! (And now I have to look up what a “Acid Rain B2five figure” is.) I’ll have to post a few shots of the Tyrants when this arrives in the mail.


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