Relaunch the Air Raiders!

Hey folks!
So I’ve wanted to increase the online Air Raider community and get people talking again about our favorite toy line again. To that end I asked several Air Raiders fan with knowledge and passion for the toys to write up a post that would essentially sum up what they would do with the Air Raiders brand if they were in charge and launching it today.
My pitch to them was basically this:

“If you were in charge, how would you relaunch the Air Raiders? I think it would be interesting to see what people think is the best way to carry on. So if that means different scale toys, making video games, a new comic, etc., then I’d love to hear it. Even if you wanted to change the basic premise of the backstory or history of the world, it’s all open.”

These guys know as much or more about the Air Raiders as I do so it’s been fun to see their thoughts and brainstorms. And it’s nice to have fellow fans be part of something together.
So keep an eye out, I hope to post these in the next few weeks! If you’d like to share your own ideas, please contact me.

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