Fast as Lightning!


I finally got around to showing another early Air Raiders vehicle model that showed up on ebay a while back; the original Twin Lightning prototype!

From the seller:
This item was acquired directly from a former employee of the company. It has never been offered for sale before and is being offered here for the first time.
Included is an original vintage concept model.  This was created in-house at Hasbro and used as a concept for the Twin Lightning vehicle.  Made of styrene, urethane and kit bashed parts,  this was the very first concept model for the vehicle. There are mold differences as well as color differences between this example and the final production toy.  The stickers were hand cut and applied and differ from the final production stickers.  Also included is a production figure.
This has never been offered publicly for sale prior to this auction, this has never been traded among collectors, dealers or auctions before.
Some thoughts:

  • I would love to know who the seller got this from. Was it a former product designer or the janitor? I’m always curious about why some stuff was saved but not others and what was the motivation?
  • For those of you (like me) not in the know; here’s a breakdown of the materials mentioned in the description:
    • Styrene has excellent forming properties, good dimensional stability, impact strength and rigidity. It is one of the oldest and most cost effective thermoplastic sheets available. It is easily thermoformed into intricate shapes. It can be sawed, sheared, punched, vacuum formed and heat bent.
    • Urethane is a true elastomer capable of tremendous impact resistance even at very high durometers. More importantly, polyurethane retains it elasticity and strength over the complete range of hardness.
  • My guess is that the styrene was used for the body and wings of the aircraft and the urethane, being like rubber, was used for the bellows mechanism.
  • I’m curious what parts are kit-bashed. Maybe the missile launchers or the missing landing gear?
  • Pretty cool that they hand cut and applied their own stickers when working on this. I always wondered how stickers were made for these earlier models, like the Gatling.
  • The only other thing that strikes me is the different locations of the two missile launchers. One is underneath the cockpit and the other is mounted near the engine/bellows. Some of the parts seem to be missing or not in the right place. So were they still working out the placement or is the part just broken and the tube came around to rest on the engine?


Twin L2

Twin L3 Twin L4

Twin L5 Twin L6

Twin L7 Twin L8

Twin L9

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