The Cities of Airlandia

The Cities of Airlandia

The box insert, “The Cities of Airlandia” has some cool art and information to share. First off, it mentions giant cities that have been built across the Airlandian landscape, owned and controlled by Aerozar. They have “all the hustle and bustle one would expect to find in any Earth city.” The citizens ride Sky Glider monorails to go back and forth to their jobs.

  • What kind of jobs do you have available on a planet like Airlandia?
  • Is there a currency? Or are they paid with air?
  • What does the monorail look like?

My guess would be many careers are in some sort of agricultural biosphere. Where else are they going to grow enough food to sustain a large population? If the planet’s atmosphere was mostly destroyed then I doubt there are many outdoor farms or food sources. Of course, the map illustration and the comic show outdoor wind farms and lush, green forests so who knows? The map also shows a series of what look to be highways and multiple vehicles but no monorail in site. Heck, the insert illustration shows a road rather the monorail.

The insert goes on to mention how Aerozar maintains a tight control of his empire through spies, cameras, intimidation and trickery. Anyone that’s not a fervent follower seems to end up in the dungeons. The television-like vapor-lenses help the emperor keep his subjects placid with fake news and propaganda. In the insert, the vapor-lenses look like big screen TVs while in the comics they are called Zephyr-Vision and look like, well this:


More like a wind hologram?

The insert ends with a description of how the rebels raid the Tyrant’s air supplies to give it back to the population (Robin Hood-style). Of course, some of those poor people are probably the ones that end up in the dungeon because they’re using “illegal” air or for their knowledge of the Air Raiders actions in general. I got a laugh out of the Enforcers carrying big oil drums filled with air (I presume).

It makes me wonder how the Tyrants give out the air.

  • Do citizens have a daily quota?
  • Do they have to pay for it?
  • Is there a secondhand/black market for air?

My guess would be that the Tyrants keep a tight control of the air rations and anyone caught selling or bartering any would get a swift execution or at least a trip to the dungeons (the more friendly Saturday morning cartoon option).

By the way, I love the guy in the top illustration on the left; he looks like a Battle Android Trooper (B.A.T.) from GI Joe.

Anyways, that’s all for now.



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