To the Air Raiders Community…

Hey folks, this is a post directed towards you, my fellow Air Raiders fans. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to talk to some of you and it’s always cool to hear about why you like these toys and what you’ve collected or experienced over the years.

I created this blog because there really weren’t many Air Raiders fan sites out there and I wanted to compile all the cool stuff I’ve seen over the years. I’ve already had some great folks help me out by sharing some pictures of stuff they’ve found on ebay or helping me find people who worked on the original toys.

And I want to expand on that!

If you have early sketches, prototypes, illustrations, etc.; please send in some pictures! If you’ve done your own art or even kitbashed some vehicles; I’d love to see it! Heck, I’d even like to hear about any stories you might have, from seeing the Air Refinery somewhere to finding that last elusive piece to complete your collection.

Just send me a message through the Contact link. I hope to hear from you!

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