Air Raider Prototype on Ebay!

s-l1600 4

I saw an ebay listing recently for an Air Bridge Battle Station prototype, one of the toys from the second series that never got released. This is actually not the first time we saw this item as it appeared in an earlier listing which I talked about here. Sadly, it does not have the gun or pump mechanism. I wonder if this was created for the molding process after it had already been approved. The seller mentions it’s heavy and made of resin which doesn’t seem to be a good way to demonstrate whatever “air ability” it had. The rocks would be too heavy for a bellows to work properly. And my guess is still that the rocks fall like the Command Outpost feature but why call it a bridge then? Hopefully someday we’ll find out what it did.

The prototype can be yours for $699.


s-l1600 3 s-l1600 2

Seller’s description:
Here is an original Hasbro Air Raiders unproduced series 2 Air Bridge battle station prototype. The second series of Air Raiders was going to greatly expand the line with lots of vehicles, different figure packs and mini playsets and battle stations. Sadly, it never happened. I have been collecting Air Raiders for years, and have only come across a few samples. This is not a factory produced sample, this is the Hasbro in-house used sculpt/resin for actually making the working set. The gun and pump were never added. This piece is heavy, and is glued down to the plastic board. I am attaching a picture of the Hasbro 1988 catalog that features series 2 to see how this playset was going to turn out.

s-l1600 6 s-l1600 5


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