Lords of Wind; Barons Modrex and Ee-lon

As mentioned in an earlier post, replicant01 and I decided to commission some art of the five Lords of Wind, the evil antagonists of the rebel Air Raiders. The first three we did were Emperor Aerozar, Baron Jolt and Sunder. Next we moved on to Barons Modrex and Ee-lon. Modrex was a little difficult as he was the only baron not to have any color guidelines to go off from the comics, toys or package art. His description mentioned gold being his primary color so I decided to mix that with red to get a similar look to Warhammer 40K Chaos World Eaters.


Baron Ee-lon came out wonderful; the art really brings across his opulence, slothful ways and obsession with flowers.


Let me know what you think.

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