Galaxy Marauders, Part 2

Thanks to J/Talyn aka ThePlasticGeek for answering some questions on his project, The Galaxy Marauders! Please go here to see what I’m talking about.

Airlandia: Can you explain the process of hydrospanning?

ThePlasticGeek: Hydrospan is a casting medium that expands in water. So first you need a mold of the thing you want to cast in hydrospan, so I molded the original 2″ figures. Then made casts in hydrospan and soaked them in water for about a week to get them to the 3.75″ scale. They only go so large. I then make another mold of that enlarged hydrospan casting (its basically like rubbery jello (very fragile) and then make a resin cast from that new enlarged mold. I never got to the next step of separating out the arms and legs and making molds to cast an articulated figure with magnets or something.

Airlandia: What’s the status of your Galaxy Marauders project?

ThePlasticGeek: Status is on hold. I’m hoping to get back to it someday, just don’t know when.

Airlandia: Do you hope to sell these?

ThePlasticGeek: Yes, I had hoped to do a few small runs of the figures, but never got that far. It’s a hobby I do in my free time, and I got pulled in other directions. Making molds isn’t cheap.

Airlandia: Did you ever consider a Kickstarter to fund Galaxy Marauders?

ThePlasticGeek: I wasn’t into it enough to do a Kickstarter. I just want to do these by hand without owing people things. Especially since I don’t own [the rights to] the sculpts.

Airlandia: Have you ever considered making any original toys for the 2-inch figures?

ThePlasticGeek: I never considered making 2 inch figures, I cant sculpt anything that small and detailed.

Airlandia: How did you create the cardboard backing?

ThePlasticGeek: Never actually made finished figure cards, but you basically print out the graphic and glue it to a comic book backer board and cut it out.

Here’s hoping we see some Galaxy Marauders available soon! Thanks again, J/Talyn!



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