Terror in the Sky!

How cool is this? Someone on the tfw2005.com site did a kitbash of a Wind Razor with some other parts to make a Cobra Firebat for their Mega Bloks figure. The only thing missing are those extra tailfins in the middle of the wing. To me, that’s an iconic look of the Firebat.

Ok so here is a custom Mega Bloks I made. The Cobra Firebat was modified from a Air Raiders junker vehicle. It uses a Generations Scourge wings so it folds up for storage just like the original.

firebat firebat2


Here’s where he got the wings, I just wish he said where he got the weapons mounted on the wings.


Nice work!

2 thoughts on “Terror in the Sky!

  1. The wing guns are from the Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Starscream/Skywarp/Thundercracker figure. They’re designed to either be used as two guns or plugged together into a massive gattling cannon. The gears behind the barrels link together so the barrels rotate at the same time when you spin one gear.

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