The Lords of the Winds — Barons Ee-lon and Modrex

As mentioned in an earlier post, Replicant01 and I had wanted to commission some artwork involving the world of Airlandia. We had received the sketches and color proofs for the Emperor and Barons Jolt and Sunder. Now we waited for the final two minions of Aerozar; the self-indulgent Ee-lon and the belligerent Modrex.


Along with Sunder, these were two of the lesser known characters. We were fortunate that the comics gave us some insight as to what Sunder and Ee-lon looked like, especially with color. Unfortunately, we did not have much to go off of for Modrex beyond the original art done for the box insert. I stuck with the samurai design but asked the artist to lose the baseball umpire chest plate and to give him a naginata spear as his primary weapon. For Ee-lon I told the artist, “He is not a warrior; he is a soft, fat, lazy, corrupt ruler who indulges in everything. I’d like to have armor for him but decorated with gold and jewels with a beautiful cloak.” I also wanted a flower to go with the storyline in the comic. Overall, we were very happy with the final look. The only change for Ee-lon was to make his lower legs and feet a bit chunkier and less athletic.


Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 12.34.36 PM

Note: We never did get a color study of Modrex. The artist just launched into the final painting.

Follow up with this project here! If you want to see Aerozar and Barons Jolt and Sunder, click here and here!

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