The Lords of the Winds

I love Air Raiders but one of my big regrets is the lack of artwork. There’s the wonderful box art, some poster illustrations and the great box insert pages but that’s about it. Unfortunately the toys didn’t last long enough to expand into lunch boxes, puzzles, magnets and other merchandise that would have required a lot more unique art.

Replicant01 and I came up with the idea to see if we could commission some art for various parts of the Airlandia world that we wanted to see. One of the first things we were interested in was the sinister Lords who rule their lands beneath the iron fist of Emperor Aerozar. We had some great art from Richard Marcej that were on one of the box inserts but we wanted to see a different style and in full color.

We were lucky enough to find a great artist named pino44io who signed on and has been working on our newest project. Here’s some of what we have so far, sketches and color studies with the finals to come later. Any feedback is always welcome!


Sunder2Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 1.47.59 PM


Follow up with this project here, here and here!

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