Marcej Art

I posted an interview with Richard Marcej the other day and in addition to getting to chat with him, I got to pick up a black and white book he self-published over 10 years ago titled, My Artwork and Designs at Hasbro, 1983-1989.

marcej book

The book is a short and fun compilation of art and photos he worked on over the years. It covers Inhumanoids, GI Joe, Transformers, Army Ants and of course, Air Raiders. It certainly doesn’t cover everything but offers a tease of what he did. Sadly, it’s out-of-print and almost impossible to find.

One of the things I wanted to share from the book was a set of art featuring various Air Raider warriors in dynamic poses. One looks like a standard rebel foot soldier but the rest are a mystery. I wonder if they were canceled prototypes, older designs or if he was given leeway to just make up whatever he wanted. (I’ll have to ask him someday…) Anyways, enjoy!

IMG_3218 IMG_3217

IMG_3215 IMG_3214

Art courtesy of Richard Marcej
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