Wind Razor Prototype


I stumbled across this the other day; an ebay listing for a Wind Razor prototype that must have posted with the Command Outpost prototype and artwork sets. Someone bought this really fast and for $500 too!

This item was acquired directly from a former employee of the company. It has never been offered for sale before and is being offered here for the very first time.
Included is an original vintage group of prototypes and samples.  There are 3 hand painted, hard copy action figures, several hard copy rock formations, 15 internal Hasbro slides featuring prototype logos, production boxed product and more images that have never been seen by the collecting community. Also included is a dynacast front for a vehicle and a sample pump.  The vehicle is a regular production example. These items were used internally at the company to develop the line.

The first pic show the Wind Razor and all the other stuff that came with this lot. The glass cockpit looks to be a more transparent green and the description says it’s a regular production vehicle I never really tried flattening mine vehicles like that. I’m curious if the little red pump was for initial stages of testing before they made their bellows. And what is on those slides! Sigh…


Moving on to the coolest part of the lot; the prototype or as someone on said, phototypes for the catalogs. An Enforcer, a Twin Lightning pilot and a Hawkwind pilot complete the group. I was always curious where these went and most likely they were stuffed in a drawer somewhere and forgotten. It’s a shame these were broken; either they are somewhat fragile or the original owner let his kids beat the heck out of them! The description says they are hand-painted which makes me wonder if they were a gray mold and the purple, blacks, and reds were painted on. I can’t really tell from the photo what is painted or not. Really nice details on there.


Last, we have some rocks and a vehicle piece. The rocks look like they may have come from the Air Bridge set in the newly-discovered 2nd series of Air Raiders toys. The vehicle part looks like the front end of the Wind Shear, another toy from the 2nd series.

Very cool stuff.

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