New Air Raider Sketches!

I found an auction from 2010 that was selling some sketches from the toyline. There’s some interesting details about the vehicles although I can’t make heads or tails about the figures.

Link here.


There’s some Man-O-War sketches. One is interesting because it has older design features like different gun placements and the attack car coming off the left side where the big cannons are. It also appears that Tyrants are manning it. Little purple guys with pointed helms and cool raygun rifles.


Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 9.39.27 PM

I wish I could read the names of the people in the lower left corner who worked on this. Here’s the other shot of the Man-O-War.


The other picture looks like an early Dragonwind to me. It still has a hidden missile launcher up top although it seems to launch part of itself as a glider! It also has a 3-man crew in the cockpit. Just like the faction switch with the Man-O-War, it seems like this is colored Air Raider red and manned by rebel soldiers. No idea what “Seizors” means. Lori Dahlberg and Penny Kuebler worked on this according to the upper right note.


The figure sketches all confuse me, I’m not sure who they are or if they are part of the toyline. The one in the upper left seems likely as he is wearing a “turbo breathing unit” and has a hand-mounted flame thrower! The other one had a working claw hand and both were to have removable helmets. The Diamondhead and Rolling Stone drawings  seem like they were mistakenly put in by the auctioneers.

Going to the link allows you to zoom in pretty close to read the notes and look at details.

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