Air Raider Scripts and Notes

The same auction site had a few other lots that a series of scripts, internal notes and a “bible” for the writers and developers who were working on a three-part Air Raiders mini-series (sigh…).

Here are some of the details as described:

script1Air Raiders Cartoon Summaries, Scripts, and Internal Notes Group (Sunbow Productions, Inc., 1986-87). Ron Friedman’s typescript with handwritten notes dated 11/12/86 for the planned three-part Air Raiders mini-series; a photocopy of an unknown executive’s 22 pages of notes on the script (sample comment: “I think maybe a more appetizing first name can be given to the ‘Bloat Boar.'”), as well as personality profiles of multiple characters; a revision (typescript with handwritten notes) dated 12/16/86; Friedman’s typed synopsis of a different Air Raiders story, dated 3/3/87; a handwritten letter from Ron Friedman dated 11/18/89 detailing “Stag’s pseudonyms, more or less in order of my preference.” 

Air Raiders
 Product Information Book (Sunbow Productions, Inc., 1986). Prepared as reference for writer Ron Friedman. Multiple views of the cool vehicles, plus portraits and character profiles. The latter are quite an entertaining read — among other things we learn that Kronax is “like a whacked out, but totally sincere, Gregory Peck.” A blue binder with looseleaf (photocopied) pages. 


Air Raiders “Bible” and Story Summary (Sunbow Productions, Inc., 1986). Airlandia! An ancient, distant world on which a strange, energy-rich air known as fortified air is more precious than gold! The beginning of Ron Friedman’s typescript for the cartoon certainly has us hooked, alas it was never aired so this lot is your only chance to read it. There are a few handwritten corrections by Friedman. His 6/29/86 typescript for Vehicles of Airlandia, describing these in all their glory, is included, as well a photocopy of the “bible” by Friedman and Douglas Booth. 


Air Raiders Briefing Book (Hasbro, 1986-87). The creative strategy on how to market the new line to boys aged 8-12. Photocopies, some color, and some handwritten notes by Ron Friedman. Since these characters were never really fleshed out in the short-lived comic, here’s the only place to read their backstory, and these internal documents are far more entertaining than sanitized cartoons could ever be! You’ll learn to visualize the evil Airrengar by thinking of “the intensely civilized, menacing allure of William F. Buckley merged with the late Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen with a touch of Joseph Goebbels thrown in.” Storyboards for commercials are included too. Also included with this lot are many pages of handwritten notes by Friedman, apparently fleshing out creative concepts based on a meeting with Hasbro execs. 

script 2

Air Raiders Pilot Script (Sunbow Productions, Inc., 1987). Alas, Ron Friedman’s multi-part epic was never aired, so this script is your only chance to enjoy it! Photocopy of the 1/27/87 script revision by Friedman. 


The info in these page are a treasure trove of what-could-have-been information. I love how the writes tried to match Hollywood stars and other public personas with the characters in the series. Kronax as a whacked-out Gregory Peck… that’s just too funny. Oh, and a mention of someone called Airrengar, possibly an early name for Aerozar the Emperor.

You can zoom in close to read the notes and I found some interesting ideas that were scrapped or changed. I saw several references to an Air Raider “Battle Ram” vehicle that seemed to play a big role in the script. It seems likely, due to a ram ability, that it became the Thunderhammer. There’s also it’s Tyrant rival called the “Battle Bomber.” Ron Friedman was pushing for all Airlandia vehicles to have flying capabilities.

The idea behind the franchise was that fortified air was in the same context as water rights and access in the Old West. The Tyrants were set up as the evil and unjust cattle barons who have seized control of the precious resources and are choking off their rivals and the townsfolk. That’s a neat concept although I’m glad they did not have a heavier space cowboy theme going on here.

There’s also a mention of two groups; the Noble Legion Troopers are the personal guardians of Baron Ee-lon or maybe all the barons; the Air Lancers are an elite force in the armies of Airlandia. I’m not sure if that makes them part of the Enforcer squads or warriors who maybe revolt and form the rebel Battle Squads.

To think of the info in here. I wish whoever bought these 7 years ago would copy it up for other fans to see. Maybe someday!

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