That is failure.

So I tried to do my first molds (ever) yesterday and things did not go well. The Clear Stuff works very nicely; boil some water, throw it in and get some nice pliable stuff to press toys into.

I made the molds, mostly Wind Razor parts but also a wheel from that little rocket car on the Man-O-War. Then I made the parts using the EpoPutty.



The results were… not horrible but not good either. Here’s the list of things I learned while doing this.

  1. One bit of advice they say to do is punch holes into the bottom of the mold so you can make pegs for them with the top of the mold. This allows you to “lock” the mold together and a great guideline for aligning the two halves of your mold. I made my holes too small and they didn’t register well. This caused the alignment to shift on the Man-O-War wheel and make it useless.
  2. Don’t rush the Epoputty mix. I did the wheel after the Wind Razor parts and I must have rushed the rolling and kneading of the two putties together because in addition to not being aligned properly, the wheel crumbled into pieces like soap when I was testing it out. Since the other pieces didn’t do this and I had mixed them earlier, that’s my only explanation.
  3. Do one piece at a time. I mixed the putty all at once and was scrambling to put it in the molds before it started hardening.
  4. Be careful of flashing. I think it’s next to impossible not to have some flash along the mold-line of your item but I put a bit too much putty in two of my molds. This caused a very thick, hard-to-cut flash being on several sides and made cleaning it with an X-Acto much harder. The more cutting with a knife is more of a chance to mess up or make the item look choppy or damaged. It can also cause major harm to your molded item.


Upper left is the Wind Razor wheel; it came out ok but needs some major sanding. The Wind Razor “Freeze Breeze” cannon mounted on top is to the upper right. It also came out okay too but also needs some more delicate trimming and sanding. The lower right has the disastrous Man-O-War wheel and finally the side-mounted neon cannon on the Wind Razor is to the lower left. This one had a ton of thick flashing and while trying to cut through it, I actually broke it.
Well, actually I broke the stock off too! Yeah… that sucked because it was pretty cool looking otherwise.

So lesson(s) learned. On my next attempt I will try to go slower and make sure I get the pegs right. But I am encouraged by this mediocre showing. I believe with time and experience I can put out some cool replacements parts and eventually some soldier molds too.

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